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I do the dirty work for you by mining "gems" from the best webinars, conferences and podcasts so you can leverage key mobile marketing insights.

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Mining mobile growth insights
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I relentlessly work in the mine to cut through any vendor promo or fluff and extract key insights (gems '💎') from 10 to 15 hand-curated resources per month.

You? You just select your categories of interest and consistently get relevant and actionable bite-sized insights you can consume in minutes.

And if you want to get additional perspectives or share your thoughts, discuss with other members and experts from the community!

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Already 170+ HAND-CURATED resourceS 

I've been "mining" webinars and podcasts since Feb 2020. Once you get access ti Growth Gems, you'll already be able to search and filter tons of mobile growth resources and find new insights.

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Bite-size Mobile Growth Insights

The format in which each resource is presented is easy to digest: key insights (gems) and their timestamps at the top followed by detailed notes.
See an example here.

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"Snack-bites of mobile growth insights mined from curated long-form resources: #growthgems rocks!"

- Thomas Petit -

Mobile Growth Consultant

1-hour webinars in 7 minutes

"With Growth Gems, the insights are broken down in such a nice way I can review 1-hour webinars in 7 minutes."

- Christian Schneider -

Co-founder at PsyCat Games

Everything that I love

" has everything that I love: interesting insights about mobile growth/marketing in one place."

- Peter Fodor -

CEO at AppAgent

Yes, I do the dirty work for you.

Step 1 - The curation.
I'm subscribed to the best YouTube channels and podcasts. I monitor LinkedIn and Twitter. I subscribe to vendors' newsletters and webinars. All so I can hand-pick the best long-form resources.

Step 2 - The extraction.
I actually watch or listen to all of these resources (more than a dozen a month). I keep the best ones, take detailed notes and extract the "gems" from each.

Step 3 - The polishing.
You get these key insights in a way that's easy to digest. In case you want more context on gems, I add timestamps to each and finalize the notes .

Growth Gems process

No more FOMO. No more bad content.

As a mobile marketer myself, I'm digging for credible, actionable gems shared in real-life case studies and by experts actually working in the field. So that's what I share in Growth Gems.

Join the community, say STOP to FOMO and don’t waste your time with average content.

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Growth Gems Community

Dig deeper and get additional perspectives from the community.

Uncovering so many insights and perspectives from experts means there are discussions waiting to happen.

Getting additional perspectives on a topic makes us better mobile marketers. The community allows us to ask questions, debate opinions and share both experiences and resources.

In order for these discussions to be valuable, I approve each applicant to make sure it's a good fit before accepting her/him as a Growth Gems member.

Unlock mobile growth insights

Upon approval you will unlock mobile growth insights that match the areas you're working on AND participate in a community of growth-minded marketers that challenge the status quo.

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Who should join Growth Gems?

Growth Gems is a worldwide community of mobile growth practitioners. While their specific areas of interest within mobile growth can differ, there are some commonalities:

  • Members have at least some pre-existing experience and knowledge in mobile marketing. This can range from at least 1 year to decades (yes, really)
  • Members are growth-minded, like to experiment and are passionate about the topic (at least to a certain extent)
  • Members are open-minded, supportive and willing to share knowledge

Vendors, consultants and freelancers are welcome (and a great fit) as long as there is no self-promotion or prospecting (this would lead to an immediate ban).

Who should not join Growth Gems?

People that have no experience in any area of mobile growth and are looking to start from scratch. Also, anyone that is closed-minded or hoping for a magic solution to solve their challenges. Growth Gems does the dirty work for you by finding and sharing the insights, but the most important work starts after this.

Why do I have to pay for full access to Growth Gems?

If you're not paying for the product you are the product. There is a lot of content and several communities about mobile growth, but most of them are managed by vendors or agencies. Growth Gems has nothing to sell but the access to its service and wishes to remain independant.

If you've watched webinars, attended conferences or listened to podcasts before, you know it is very time-consuming. Now imagine the additional time it takes to take detailed notes and present the key insights in an intelligible, concise manner. There are also a number of costs associated to using the services on which Growth Gems is built (think Webflow, Outseta, Zapier, Mailchimp, etc.).

If you're in a rough patch or don't have the means to pay for a premium Growth Gems membership at the moment (and you can't expense the membership cost to your company), please still request access: we can talk further to find a solution.

Why do I have to request access instead of joining directly?

Now that Growth Gems also includes a community aspect, I want to know who is joining, understand their expectations and make sure it is a good fit (see "who should join" / "who should not join" questions above). This helps ensure that the conversations are valuable, and also helps me improve Growth Gems over time to best serve its members.

How does the Growth Gems application process work?

I swear it's painless. You share some basic information when you request access, I review it as soon as possible and then approve you.

Can I expense my Growth Gems Membership to my company?

Absolutely. Growth Gems is a powerful learning opportunity, and you will get perspectives and practical insights that you're able to leverage to make a bigger impact. Every company has a different policy regarding education and professional development budgets so check with your manager or HR department. Happy to provide more information, and, of course, the necessary invoices.

Do you have team pricing?

Yes! Discounts start for teams of more than 3 people, and the bigger the team the greater the savings. Please request access for yourself first so we can talk about specifics.